Q5.12 or later features improvements to how PowerPoint files are updated and created. It’s a much faster and more reliable way of working. You can learn more about this update here:

“Fast” PowerPoint exporting and updating: A Q workflow

But what if you have older PowerPoint reports created using Q?

No problem – this short video demonstrates how easy it is to enable such documents for fast updating. It also shows a good comparison between the “fast” and older exporting approaches, so you can see just how beneficial the fast approach is.

Updating PowerPoint reports via Q is now super-fast and super-stable, and it’s easy to convert your old reports to allow for this fast updating.

You can read more about the technical aspects of this feature update on our website here:

Exporting to PowerPoint – Q5.12

Automatic Updating of PowerPoint documents – Q5.12 Default

When you open Q you may be prompted to upgrade to the latest version, Q5.12 or later (you may then need to contact your IT team to update Q if you do not have administrative access to your computer). You can check your current version of Q in Help menu > About Q, and check to see if there is an update available in Help > Check for New Version of Q.

Please contact us if you require more assistance: support@q-researchsoftware.com

Author: Andrew Kelly