What is a Good Alternative to SPSS?

While SPSS is a powerful statistical tool for technically minded analysts, the tool itself has not changed much since it was released in 1968. The world of computing has changed a lot in the last half-century and there are now alternatives to SPSS that are faster and better. Like SPSS, Q is a powerful analysis and reporting platform. But it has specifically been designed as an improvement over SPSS, automating much of the analysis process and making advanced analysis accessible to everyone. Read on to see why Q is a better alternative to SPSS.

SPSS versus Q

SPSS  is a general-purpose statistics program designed for academic research in the social sciences (hence its acronym: Statistics Package for the Social Sciences).  Q was first released in 2007 and is designed as an alternative to SPSS to increase the quality and speed of survey analysis, charting, and reporting.

There are three fundamental differences in how SPSS and Q work

    • Efficient use of SPSS Statistics requires the extensive writing of code. Efficient use of Q does not involve an extensive use of code. The main motivations for writing code in SPSS Statistics are quality assurance and automation; these outcomes occur automatically in Q with no need for the writing of code.
    • Q does more. While Q can be used as a like-for-like replacement to SPSS Statistics, it performs many tasks that are problematic in SPSS Statistics, such as PowerPoint automation, data visualization, the coding of text data, and advanced analyses such as MaxDiff and choice modeling.
    • It is much more time-efficient to use Q. Q increases user productivity.

What is the best tool for market research consultants?

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“Much easier to work with than SPSS. It has more advanced analytics that doesn’t require purchasing additional modules.”
Seth DeAvila, Isobar
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