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The complete solution for quantitative advertising research

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Text analysis

Q’s got amazing text analysis tools that combine human judgment with machine learning to make it quick and easy to find meanings in verbatims and social media data.

Advertising tracking

Q’s got great tools for advertising tracking research, from data visualizations and stat testing designed for time series through to automatic updating tools that make it a snap to turn around new waves of data.

Automate reporting for standardized studies

Are you running the same report again and again for different ads? Set it up once in Q, and have it automatically update when you add a new data set.

Interactive dashboards

Create dashboards that store all the key results in an attractive format that allows people to interact and find their own stories.


Embed videos

Embed videos directly into your dashboards.


Multiple data sets

Overlay and create reports with your survey data, ad spend data, ad databases, etc.


Complete (not just data checking and cleaning)

Q is a general-purpose app that does everything from crosstabs to text coding to advanced analysis to dashboards, driver analysis, and segmentation.

Increase speed

Automate manual tasks and create re-usable analysis and reports.

Find deeper insights

DIY advanced analysis and visualizations.


Manipulate your data with a couple of clicks.

Before Q, market research was a very laborious process. Now I couldn’t do my job without it.


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