Q for Statistical Testing

World’s best automated statistical testing

Automated statistical testing designed to maximize the speed and quality of your data analysis.

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Expert systems automatically choose between more than 50 statistical tests

Q looks at all the properties of your data – sample size, weights, data types, variable set type – and automatically chooses the most appropriate test.

Exception tests and column comparisons

By default Q uses exception tests to highlight the most interesting cells, using arrows and font color to emphasize the results. You can change this to column comparisons, where letters are used to indicate which cells on a table are significantly different from which other cells.

Tests designed for survey data

Most statistical tests are not designed to work with weights. On our tables, all significant results will automatically use appropriate tests even with sampling weights (via Taylor Series Linearization).

Automatic deletion of uninteresting tables

Statistical tests can also be used to automatically delete tables in a report that contain no statistically significant results, saving you the time of even having to read the tests.


Lots of options

You can customize the automated statistical testing options – levels of significance, multiple comparison correction, parametric versus nonparametric tests – and even write your own code for performing tests. You can also manually perform tests if you want to take complete control of the testing.

Automated updating

Tests automatically update when you revise the data, whether filtering, data cleaning, or adding in a new wave of data.


Complete (not just stat testing)

Q is a general-purpose app that does everything from crosstabs to text coding to advanced analysis, driver analysis, and segmentation.

Increase speed

Automate manual tasks and create re-usable analysis and reports.

Find deeper insights

DIY advanced analysis and visualizations.


Manipulate your data with a couple of clicks.

Before Q, market research was a very laborious process. Now I couldn’t do my job without it.


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