Q for Tracking Analysis

Built for trackers and time series

Q makes tracking analysis and reporting fast, easy, repeatable, traceable, and error-free. Every painful step is meticulously programmed, from discovering insights and spotlighting changes over time to effortlessly updating and sharing live reports.

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Quickly scan for insight

Spotlight changes
Don’t spend hours looking to see what’s changed when a new wave of data arrives. Instead, get Q to hunt the insights for you. With the click of a button, Q will crosstab all your questions by date, and then order them by statistical significance – so you can focus on the changes that mean the most.

Automated stat testing
Automatically test differences from wave-to-wave.

Visualizations designed for tracking data
Zero in on the insights fast with plots that use color and arrows to highlight what has changed since your last wave and show long-term trends with color-coded sparklines. An extensive range of visualizations designed to make it easy to see changes over time – from interactive time series plots to ranking plots, to small multiples.

Easily manipulate date data

Time scales can be quickly aggregated or changed (e.g., weekly to quarterly to monthly). Easily change the range of dates or number of periods you want to display. And set dynamic filters to automatically add new time periods and automatically remove the old ones when a data file is revised.

So many trend lines and smoothers!

Easily highlight long term trends by smoothing out the noise. Everything from moving averages through to Friedman’s super smoother and splines.

Simultaneously analyze multiple data sets

Analyze disparate data sources in one place such as brand health, ad tracking, and ad spend data.

Automated quality control

Q will alert you if there are changes or differences in a revised data set, if there are errors or if constructed variables break due to the removal or alteration of a variable.

Automatically update analysis and reports

No code needed – just update your analysis by replacing the old data file with the revised one. All steps performed on the previous data set, such as text coding, table modifications, labelling, constructing variables, creating tables, charts, analyses, etc. will be automatically redone using the new data.

PowerPoint presentations, online reports, excel workbooks, and dashboards are automatically updated with each new wave of data. Done!

Increase speed

Automate manual tasks and create re-usable analysis and reports.

Find deeper insights

DIY advanced analysis and visualizations.


Manipulate your data with a couple of clicks.

Before Q, market research was a very laborious process. Now I couldn’t do my job without it.


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