We’ve been working hard to have all the most common transformations of data available in a single easy-to-use menu. When you select a variable (or variables) and choose Automate > Browse Online Library > Create New Variables you will find lots of options, including:

  • Automatically Combine Categories
  • Contrast Periods, for when you want to compare any two time periods.
  • Duplicates, which creates a new variable containing any duplicates. This is great for spotting data integrity problems.
  • Impute Missing Data. See Automatically Impute Missing Values.
  • Numeric Variables(s) from Code/Category Midpoints. This allows you to easily convert income, age, and other data with bands, into numeric variables.
  • Recode Net Promoter Score (NPS) Variable(s). This creates a new variable that shows the NPS and can be used for statistical testing of differences in NPS.
  • Scale Variables 
    • Center Within Case
    • Center Within Variable
    • Ranks Within Case
    • Ranks Within Vairable
    • Standardize Within Case
    • Standardize Within Variable
    • Unit Interval Within Case
    • Unit Interval Within Variable
  • Top 2 Category Variables (Top 2 Boxes).
  • Translate Text.

Author: Matilda Sarah