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Automate PowerPoint reporting

What if you could link a data source to its PowerPoint report – so when the data changes, your entire PowerPoint report updates automatically in just one click? Now you can with Q linked PowerPoint reporting. How many hours, days, or weeks of painful manual work will you save?

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Save time

Manually updating a PowerPoint report means hours, days, or weeks of cutting and pasting between different software, tracing back pesky mistakes, and starting again when you find one. Q automatically creates a direct link between your source data, your analysis, and your PowerPoint reports. So you don’t need to spend hours cutting, pasting, and matching things up, because everything automatically updates when the data changes.

Automatically update everything

Updating your reports is now as easy as connecting your data to Q, doing your analysis and layout once, and then exporting it to PowerPoint. When new data comes in, re-export to the same PowerPoint, and you’re done. Plus, existing PowerPoint reports can be retrospectively linked back to Q, so you never have to manually cut and paste data between tools again. Think of the time you’ll save on tracking studies! 

Multi-country, multi-product, multi-anything PowerPoint reporting

Batch export to instantly create multiple reports for different products, regions, segments, or other subgroups.

Work in parallel with other teams

Don’t waste time waiting for one team to finish before the next can start. Your analysts can quickly “rough-in” a report using interim data, handing it to the PowerPoint team to format and finalize. Re-export and update the same PowerPoint report with the final data when it arrives.

Create a striking presentation

Q’s got all the tools you need to create a striking presentation. Master slides for formatting. Any color you want. Layout things just like in PowerPoint. Lots of great visualizations.

Increase speed

Automate manual tasks and create re-usable analysis and reports.

Find deeper insights

DIY advanced analysis and visualizations.


Manipulate your data with a couple of clicks.

Before Q, market research was a very laborious process. Now I couldn’t do my job without it.


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