Helping market researchers quickly find the story in their data

Q is analysis software designed by market researchers, for market researchers.

“Q has saved us thousands of hours. It saves us from spending too much time on something that may not be relevant and distilling what is into a much more concise story.”

Rachel Cummins
Senior Research Analyst, Directions

Here’s how thousands of market researchers have doubled their output using Q


Automates the grunt work

Everything that can be automated is automated, including cleaning & formatting data, statistical testing, generating tables, updating analyses and reproducing reports.

Q groups variables into questions and grids, automatically applies weights, checks for outliers & small sample sizes, and generates summary tables. You can instantly update ongoing trackers and pilot studies with new data. It will also automatically apply appropriate statistical tests to your data. Q helps you save hours of grunt work so you can focus on finding the story in your data.

Do more than grunt work: DIY advanced analysis and visualization

Most analysis tools make statistical analysis harder than it ought to be. We have automated all the steps that usually take people years of training to learn.

With the latest machine learning & statistical techniques, Q uses smart systems and automation for widely used methods including correspondence analysis, latent class analysis, regression, MaxDiff, Shapley, and TURF. It also fully supports the R language. See features.

Create reports so you can share insight-filled stories

Visualize information to show patterns that matter and design reports that make storytelling effortless with seamless Microsoft Office and Displayr integration.

You can export editable charts using your customized template to PowerPoint and automatically update your report when new waves of data come in. For interactive, easy to use dashboards, upload your Q file to Displayr.

“It’s so user-friendly that you can design a MaxDiff in Q even if you have no concept of analysis whatsoever. With the warnings that pop up, Q holds your hand as you’re designing it.”

Eddie Sheppard
Vice President, Calgary Office, Leger

Compare your current tools

24 hour free support with an expert (business days)
Most grunt work is automated (e.g., formatting data, coding, stat testing)
Dashboards Displayr
Designed for Market Researchers
Can generate large reports quickly (e.g., crosstabs)
Advanced users can do advanced analyses by writing code
Anyone can conduct advanced analyses themselves without outsourcing
Anyone can update and automate reporting without needing to outsource

Your plan to cut analysis and reporting time in half

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3. Churn out great insights
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