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A Better Alternative to SPSS

Q Research Software, like SPSS, is a powerful analysis and reporting platform for market researchers. However, Q has lots of distinct advantages over SPSS. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Q is designed by market researchers for market researchers


SPSS was designed for the social scientists working at universities and colleges.On the other hand,  Q is designed by market researchers, specifically to make market researchers faster and better. It was also designed as an improvement over SPSS.

2. Automatic selection of analysis technique

In SPSS, the user has the job of determining the most appropriate type of analysis given their data. For example:

  • To compute an average: Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies.

  • To compute a frequency table: Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies.

  • To compute a multiple response frequency table: Analyze > Multiple Response > Frequencies.

In Q, you select your question of interest from either a drop-down or a create menu and Q automatically works out the appropriate analyses (based on the structure of the variable set/question type (more info).

A huge range of advanced analyses are also automated via menus (e.g., Shapley, TURF, regression, segmentation, mapping). Q also fully integrates with R either via automated menus or directly through code.



3. Merging by dragging and dropping

In SPSS, if you want to merge categories on a table, you typically either re-code the underlying data, creating new variables, or  write some code in custom tables.

In Q, if you want to merge categories on a table, you do so by dragging and dropping. When you do this, Q makes the change to the underlying data, simultaneously updating all other analyses that use it (If you do not want this to happen, you can have multiple versions of the same data). The time, effort and potential for error saved here speaks for itself.

4. No syntax in Q

In fact, the smart way to work in Q is to avoid writing syntax altogether. The use of syntax can be fairly ingrained in SPSS users, so it sometimes takes a while to appreciate this fundamental change in workflow.

Syntax in SPSS tends to be used for two reasons: to redo analyses with revised data and to provide a record of everything that was done. Syntax in SPSS is a consequence of SPSS having been created 50 years ago and modern programs don’t need syntax to do these things.

Rather than using syntax, Q automatically remembers everything you do. It works out and saves all the steps needed to convert the original raw data file into your final analyses. This means that when you replace data, Q will automatically redo all your work.

When analyzing in Q the underlying data never changes. This means you can undo and redo any data modifications, revert to how data originally looked and you can always see how data has been modified.

5. No more re-running analyses

It is often necessary to re-run entire analyses in SPSS, for example, if you have a change in labelling or if you need to add a filter or a weight.

Q on the other hand automatically applies these additions or changes, instantly updating your analysis. Everything in Q is streamlined, again making it a better alternative to SPSS.

6. Proper handling of multiple data sets

Analyzing multiple data sets in SPSS, really means analyzing several data sets in parallel.

In Q you can combine analyses from the different data sets and analyze the relationship between variables from different files (more info).

7. Market research visualization

When did you last use SPSS to create charts that you shared with a client?

Q integrates with Microsoft Office, allowing users to export editable charts and to use templates for consistent reporting and Displayr (at beta) for online dashboards. Q also has special purpose market research visualization tools.

8. The Customer Success team

SPSS charges extra for support and licenses do not include upgrades.

Q license include support by a skilled Customer Success team, how-to-webinars, training videos, and comprehensive documentation (more info). All upgrades are also included so you can be sure you are always using the most up-to-date tools and techniques.

So, there you have it: eight reasons why Q is a better alternative to SPSS for market researchers (or in fact the best market research analysis software!).

Read this post for more info on why Q as a better SPSS alternative.


Try Q out for free and judge for yourself! Download a free trial here.

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