Healthcare market researcher, Nicola Scott uses Q and her love for research to power her clients to success.

Nicola’s Story

A decade ago, expert healthcare researcher, Nicola Scott met Q. Since then, she’s liberated herself from having to rely on a data processing team, became a pioneer in the healthcare market research sector and even launched her own independent consultancy. Oh, did we mention, she even found the time to adopt a super cute dog? Nowadays, Nicola continues to relish the freedom of being able to dig deep into the data herself and thrives from delivering positive and practical solutions for all her clients.


“You don’t go into research just to turn up each day. At the end of the day you go into research to solve problems.”


Improving customer experience and patient health outcomes

Nicola is a highly experienced market researcher, advising healthcare and B2B companies across pharamaceutical, OTC, medical, animal health, industrial and consumable sectors for over 15 years. Before transitioning to be her own boss, Nicola developed her skill set at Synovate Healthcare, Jigsaw and ACA Research. Her analysis software of choice is Q.

How Nicola uses Q

When it comes to delivering reliable and speedy insights, Nicola turns to Q. From crosstabs to segmentation to reporting, Nicola knows she’s got it covered. She uses Q’s automation features to save heaps of time and produce error-free analysis – always. In fact, her segmentation analysis of the local healthcare industry ended up being adopted globally!

“It just came to life.”


Taking segmentation global

From a segmentation analysis for a local branch, came a global adventure. “We found a really interesting segmentation for General Practitioners. The analysis just came to life – it literally bounced out of the data”. This segmentation ended up becoming the global model. Whew, talk about taking the world by storm!

On not following the bouncing ball

By making advanced analysis easier, Q allows Nicola to go the extra mile for her clients. Instead of simply ticking the boxes or “following the bouncing ball” she’s able to take her analytical skills deeper and puzzle out different ways to further meet her clients business goals on her own terms (no outsourcing necessary!).

And changing the game completely

Nicola says, “Before Q, market research was a very laborious process”. With a little help from Q, she found that she was often able to cut her analysis and reporting time from a week to even a couple of days – meaning that she could take on more work AND work more efficiently for the same cost as an SPSS license. Sounds game life changing, right?

 “For those like myself, Q is a wonderful, straightforward tool that makes me feel like an absolute expert. I couldn’t do my job without it.”


See how Nicola has liberated herself using Q

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