Caspar’s Story

Over two decades in the market research industry has led Caspar to two fundamental beliefs: data must answer the ‘why’ of consumer behaviour not just the ‘what’, and those delivering the insights to clients must play a vital role in creating them. That is why he’s fighting to make marketing a more rigorous, analysis-driven discipline, delving deep into the data himself and ensuring that the work his team delivers is strategic and commercially focused.


“Marketing is still too often based on opinion or patchily researched data. I think we can do better than that.”


An experienced strategic mind

From working for a strategy consultancy in London to working in house in the drinks business to launching the strategy consulting division at WWP AUNZ, it’s clear that a love for strategy runs in Caspar’s blood. His analysis software of choice is Q.

How Caspar uses Q

When it comes to diving deep into the data himself and delivering insights for his clients, Caspar relies on Q to simplify things – freeing him up to push the recommendations further. By making advanced analytics accessible, his team no longer needs to outsource their analysis – yielding better insights, faster. Intuitive algorithms like Q’s latent class analysis make his job so much easier. Caspar relishes the speed at which he can explore his ideas with Q – throwing things into a segmentation analysis or updating tracking databases quickly.

“I passionately believe that you get better quality insights when advanced analytics are done by the people who are working with the client and understand the market.”


Rescuing brand tracking…

For Caspar, “a well specified, promptly, and accurately reported tracker is still really, really important if you’re the custodian of a big brand”. Unfortunately, many clients think tracking is a waste of money due to their poor experiences with it. With Q, Casper can take a bird’s-eye view of brand tracking – easily changing perspectives and cross-referencing data fast so that he can deliver sound advice for his clients.

..and reclaiming the role of market research

While real-time analytics and digital dashboards are the norm in the boardroom, without customer research, clients can be left adrift in a sea of information.

For Caspar, market researchers must delve deep into all the data sources to bring a holistic solution to their clients – one that goes beyond traditional research to offer fast, commercial and strategic insight and advice.

“When a client has an issue, very often there’s a number of data sources that can help, but none of them are perfectly built to answer that issue. This is where research comes in. And bringing it all together is what keeps me excited.”


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