How to create visualizations to synthesize survey data

Instantly meaningful, memorable, and insightful.

Are these words used to describe your data visualizations and survey reporting? They can be!


Research Rockstar’s Kathryn Korostoff joins Daren Jackson from Displayr to show you how to create visualizations that rapidly allow your audience to grasp – and remember – the story of your data.


Daren kicks off with the basics on how to easily go beyond the boring and traditional bar or pie charts – to create engaging visualizations that don’t sacrifice the meaning.


Kathryn then demonstrates how to create visualizations that synthesize your key insights to instantly answer the “so what?” – empowering you with the pressing answers your clients needs.


This fun, fast-paced webinar will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take your reporting to the next level!

Presented by Daren Jackson (Displayr) & Kathryn Korostoff (Research Rockstar)

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