Extreme PowerPoint Makeover for Market Research

Your PowerPoint Presentation Doesn’t Have to Be an Ugly Ducking

We know how frustrating it can be to inherit an ugly PowerPoint deck that’s too unwieldy and time consuming to change. We know how awful it can feel to present this PowerPoint to a room full of barely stifled yawns and furtive glances at phones. We’ve been there.

It’s not like that for us anymore. And it doesn’t have to be for you either!

In this webinar, Matt Steele will show you how to quickly transform your Market Research PowerPoint presentation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan! He’ll cover:

• The latest in PowerPoint automation – for the fundamentals of fast, error-free, reproducible reporting.

• Design ideas and how to create stunning and impactful visualizations that’ll keep all eyes glued to your presentation.

• Introduce online interactive reports as an alternative to PowerPoint.

Join us for this inspiring and creative webinar.

Presented by Matt Steele, Matt has 15 years' experience in market research. He heads up the UK customer success team for Q, where he has seen the absolute best and worst(!) of PowerPoint reporting. Matt is passionate about easily creating awesome reporting and has an extensive background in all aspects of communication. He has an Honors degree in Psychology and is also an experienced theatre director, having trained at Australia's leading dramatic arts school, NIDA (home to Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, and Cate Blanchett).

PowerPoint Example File
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