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MaxDiff (also know as Max Diff, best-worst scaling, and maximum difference scaling) is a methodology used for quantifying preference between different alternatives. MaxDiff forces respondents to make choices between the ‘Best’ and the ‘Worst’ options out of a given set of alternatives, providing more robust results than the more popular standard ratings scales. Recent advances in MaxDiff Software are making this technique easier and more popular then ever.

What is the best tool for MaxDiff analysis? The main MaxDiff software brands used by market researchers are Sawtooth, Q Research Software, R, XLSTAT. Some of these tools require specialist programmers and others are easy enough for most market researchers to use.

How do you choose between the MaxDiff tools without getting overwhelmed by the details? Here is a comparison table of the main brands of MaxDiff software.

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MaxDiff software: Answering the most frequently asked questions

When should I use MaxDiff analysis?

MaxDiff is useful in situations when simpler techniques – such as asking people to rate things or provide rankings – are considered likely to give poor data.

What problems does MaxDiff solve?

MaxDiff is used to resolve two practical problems with traditional rating scales. First, poor discrimination between alternatives, with respondents in surveys often rating multiple alternatives as very important, or 10, on a 10-point scale and second,  yeah-saying biases, which are a type of response bias, whereby some respondents typically give much higher ratings than others.

What is the end-point of a MaxDiff study?

The end-point of a MaxDiff study is usually a ranking of alternatives in order of preference. For example, if the study is being used for product-concept testing, the goal is to work out the relative appeal of the concepts.

It also provides an understanding differences between people in terms of their preferences for different alternatives. For example, a study examining preferences for product attributes may be designed as an input to a segmentation exercise, looking to find segments of people with different preferences.

What is the best MaxDiff software for generating an experimental design through to analysis of the results?

Q Research Software is the easiest and most flexible tool to create and run a MaxDiff study. Book a demo today.

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Q literally combines the best of both worlds – it does all the “basics” very well … but it also packs some really advanced statistical features (choice modelling, maxdiff, latent class analysis) that would usually require buying specialized software for.

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