How to do Market Segmentation

A guide to help market researchers quickly learn how to do Market Segmentation.

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Ready to DIY Market Segmentation? 

Market segmentation is the cornerstone of every successful marketing strategy. Do it right and you’ll be setting your clients up for success. Featuring case studies, practical instructions and solutions to over 20 issues, this eBook is a must read for any market researcher wanting to do market segmentation. Whether you’re a relative newcomer or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to pick up a trick or two. 

This eBook offer something for everyone working with market segmentation. Diving deep into two aspects of market segmentation – creating segments including data preparation and statistical analysis of your segments – this comprehensive eBook troubleshoots over 22 issues and provides actual solutions and advice. Super practical, the eBook utilizes a case study of Americans’ confidence in institutions to walk you through creating a market segmentation from preparing your data to the technical aspects of your statistical analysis.

Featuring handy illustrations to explain how different algorithms like k-means cluster works, this guide also explains which is the most appropriate algorithm to use and when – from hierarchical cluster to latent class analysis. It also aims to clear potential stumbling blocks to your market segmentation – from dealing with missing data to the ‘yeah-saying’ bias and what to do when your algorithm does not converge. Discover how to create the right number of market segments, how to best visualize your segments with a heatmap and determine which are the most managerially useful segments. 

For Q and Displayr users – this eBook has step-by-step instructions for creating a market segmentation. For everyone else – discover how you can do market segmentation so much easier and faster.