Halve Your Survey Analysis and Reporting Time

It’s 2019 and your survey analysis software shouldn’t be making your life harder. Does this sound like you?

  • My survey analysis tools are too hard to use
  • I hate having to switch between multiple tools
  • I’m struggling to keep up with rapidly changing data science and BI world.
  • I’m drowning in tedious data cleaning and processing grunt work.
  • I’m sick of waiting on data processing or others.
  • I’m stressed for time and don’t have enough of it to really dig deep into the data.

Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Q will halve your survey analysis and reporting times – no matter how complex your data or advanced your techniques.

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How will Q help halve my analysis and reporting time? Here is what some of our users say:

You can automate your data cleaning and processing:

“Without Q about 40% of my workload would be very manual, mundane data checking processes, and inevitably some of it would be wrong. Q cuts that down to about 10% and the accuracy and transparency in the process is much higher.”

You can eliminate relying on other teams or external teams:

“Everyone in our research team can now delve into the data instead of relying on cross tabs produced by the DP team. We find we start building the structure of our story a lot earlier in the analysis stage and can get answers to questions that data poses quickly”

Simple analysis is simple to do:

“Q is incredibly easy to use so you can do basic analysis really fast. The tables are all dynamic so you can sort, rank, merge rows or columns, change the reported statistic etc. instantly.”

Advanced analysis is made accessible for everyone:

“Has a load of fantastic integrations with R for advanced analysis. I particularly like the latent class segmentation tool. Easy to use, pretty intuitive, and I feel I’ve only scraped the surface of possible use.”

Q interfaces seamlessly with PowerPoint and Excel:

“The best thing in truth is probably how it links up with Excel and PowerPoint – you can basically watch it do the job of a Research Assistant, quicker and more accurately, right in front of your eyes with a couple of clicks.”

You can auto-update reports with new waves of data:“Q turned a quarterly reporting process that took three weeks to set up and an additional one week per report into a one-week process. Saving US$12,000 in quarterly production, allowing us to use it more effectively as analysis time.”

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“It’s fast, it’s advanced, and it does everything you want it”
Kyle Manlove, Schireson Associate
“Much easier to work with than SPSS. It has more advanced analytics that doesn’t require purchasing additional modules.”
Seth DeAvila, Isobar
“Amazing software specifically designed for researchers. Great people to deal with and exceptional service.”
Ian Nicholson, National Manager Research & Insights, nbn Co
“Q is awesome and the developments made over the last few years make the need to use anything else pretty much non existent…”
Jo-Ann Foo, Nielsen Sport
”Q rocks – simplifies SPSS times a million”
KC Hallett, Inspired Insight
“The best software I have used in my 35+ years of experience.”
Scott MacLean, Market Researchers